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Dental Crowns Cost in Cancun

Restore your smile by getting affordable dental crowns in Cancun. We offer prime-quality zirconia and Emax crowns, fabricated in-house with CAD/CAM.

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    eMax Porcelain

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    Yellow Gold


Choose Prime-Quality Crowns

  • Zirconia Dental Crown Cost in Cancun

    • Excellent resistance
    • Stainless material
    • CAD/CAM made
    • Better for molars
    • Whiter aesthetics
    cost of zirconia dental crowns in Mexico

    Zirconia Crown Cost in Cancun

    $450 USD Per Tooth

  • Patient's Choice

    Porcelain Dental Crown Cost in Cancun

    • Excellent aesthetics
    • Stainless material
    • Better for Incisors
    • 10+ year lifespan
    • High translucency
    cost of porcelain dental crowns in Mexico

    Porcelain Crown Cost in Cancun

    $450 USD Per Tooth

  • Gold Dental Crown Cost in Cancun

    • Lifelong durability
    • Unbreakable
    • CAD/CAM made
    • Only for molars
    • Need less tooth prep
    cost of yellow gold dental crowns in Mexico

    Gold Crown Cost in Cancun


I Need Dental Crowns


Crowns are the best investment you can do to get a new smile. Every crown is designed and fabricated in-house with CAD/CAM and fully customized to your needs. All of it is included in the pricing.

We recommend you get zirconia crowns in Cancun if you are looking to restore your front or back teeth. Zirconia crowns are the most resistant, so you won't have to worry about replacing them for a long time. We can also make zirconia crowns look more aesthetically pleasing by fusing them with porcelain material.

zirconia dental crowns in Mexico

Getting porcelain crowns in Cancun is a better option to restore your front teeth. Emax crowns allow us to replicate your natural tooth color with 100 % accuracy; no worries about having fake-looking teeth. In addition, porcelain is highly durable and metal-free, so there will be no allergic reactions or a need for replacement.

porcelain dental crowns in Mexico

Even when they are not the most aesthetic option, we do recommend yellow gold crowns for replacing molars, especially if you suffer from bruxism. Gold crowns will endure a lifetime if taken care of properly, and they also help you to recover all of your biting capability without harming the tooth's restoration.

gold dental crowns in Mexico

Prime Dental Care:


It's Time to Recover Your Smile with Crowns in Cancun

Getting crowns in Cancun can be a Prime experience for you, thanks to our technology-driven dental care. Every patient we treat with dental crowns leaves our clinic with a new-looking smile, and you will be no different.

What you can expect from us is nothing but amazing dental work, where safety and quality are guaranteed. We can help you to save or recover your teeth in no time.

Young female smiling with a full mouth of porcelain dental crowns in Mexico
  • Cost of Crowns in Cancun
    Dental crowns cost in Cancun is the most affordable compared to the U.S. or Canada. You can save up to 60 % on your teeth restoration with crowns.
  • Safe Dental Vacation in Cancun
    At Prime Advanced Dentistry, we will provide you with end-to-end patient care, thus making your travel and visit an easygoing and safe process.
  • Time-Effective Dental Work
    Getting your teeth done in Cancun will take you a single trip; we work under a 7-day dental work schedule for you to have a much better experience.

Get Your Teeth Back with Full Mouth Crowns in Cancun


Restore up to 20 teeth with a Full-mouth reconstruction with Emax crowns. The cost starts at 9,000 USD and covers the 8 incisors, 4 canines, and 4 premolars.

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young woman with a full mouth of zirconia dental crowns
Dental crowns patient before shot
close-up shot at a patients smile with zirconia crowns

"I can go out again and smile!"


Restore up to 20 teeth with a Full-mouth reconstruction with Zirconia crowns. The cost starts at $12,600 USD and covers the 8 incisors, 4 canines, 4 premolars, and 8 molars

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young man with a full mouth of zirconia dental crowns
full mouth zirconia crowns patient before treatmentshot
close-up shot at a patients smile with zirconia crowns

"Dr. explained all the process and his job is incredible"



Embark on your journey to flawless dental crowns at Prime Advanced Dentistry, where a streamlined two-step process ensures exceptional results for your Cancun dental needs.


Discover the most affordable dental crown cost in Cancun compared to the U.S. or Canada, saving up to 50% on your dental restoration. Our expert team will assess your needs and provide personalized recommendations.


Choose from a range of materials, including durable porcelain, versatile zirconia, or budget-friendly composite crowns, guided by our experts.

With advanced technology and a focus on precision in our in-house lab, we guarantee swift and high-quality results, restoring your smile to perfection.

Let's cover the basics:

We offer a wide range of dental services designed to improve your oral health and enhance your smile.

Is it painful to get a crown?

While the placement of dental crowns typically involves minimal pain, some discomfort may arise after the procedure, which is normal and anticipated. The dental crown placement process includes the removal of infected areas from the teeth through dental drilling.

How long does a crown procedure take?

As a general guideline, anticipate approximately one to one and a half hours for the initial appointment (for a single crown). This session will involve tooth preparation, the creation of an impression for the crown, and the placement of a temporary crown, which will remain in position for the week.

Can you eat after a crown?

For the first 24 hours after the placement of permanent crowns, it is advisable to steer clear of sticky and hard foods. Subsequently, you can resume eating, drinking, and cleaning your tooth. Nevertheless, you may encounter sensitivity and tenderness around the crown in the initial weeks.

How do they prep a tooth for a crown?

During your initial appointment, your dentist or prosthodontist will begin by preparing your tooth, which involves removing a layer of its outer surface and shaping it. To ensure your comfort, a local anesthetic will be administered to eliminate any pain or discomfort. Subsequently, they will create a replica of the tooth's shape.



Elevate your confidence with premium dental crown solutions at Prime Advanced Dentistry in Cancun. Our personalized approach and advanced crown options are tailored to meet your unique dental needs.

Trust our expert dentists and cutting-edge technology for a swift and precise Cancun smile restoration. Your radiant smile starts here because, at Prime, we prioritize your dental well-being.

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Quality Dentistry

Experience dental excellence with Prime Advanced Dentistry's premium dental crown services in Cancun. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expert team ensure top-notch care. With advanced technology and an in-house lab, we guarantee swift and high-quality results, setting the standard for dental excellence in Cancun. Your journey to a radiant smile begins here at Prime.

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Patient Reviews

Read the stories behind the renewed confidence of our patients and how they felt after their Cancun dentistry experience at Prime.

Smile Gallery Prime Advanced Dentistry: Image gallery showcasing smiles transformed at Prime Advanced Dentistry
  • The dentist also made sure that I was comfortable throughout the procedure.

    “The procedure was conducted by a highly skilled and experienced dentist who took the time to explain the process and answer any questions the patient had.”


  • I highly recommend this dentist to anyone experiencing dental issues.

    “Let me start by saying that the dental treatment provided in Cancun is top-notch and at par with the best in the world.”


  • The dental crown treatment I had in Cancun was carried out with the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

    “The materials used for the crowns were of the highest quality, and the patient was impressed with the natural look and feel of the crowns.”


  • I was happy with the level of hygiene maintained at the dental clinic.

    “The clinic complied with all the safety and sterilization protocols, which gave me the most peace of mind.”


  • The doctor was incredibly knowledgeable and professional.

    “I was extremely satisfied with the results. Dental treatment in Cancun is definitely worth considering if you are looking for excellent dental care.”


  • I was suffering from severe tooth sensitivity and pain when chewing.

    “I was initially nervous about the procedure, but the doctor and his staff were extremely supportive and made me feel comfortable throughout the process.”


There's no need for you to wait any longer


A single trip is all it takes to get the smile of your dreams. Become a Prime Patient at the best dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico for all on 4 dental implants.