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At Prime Advanced Dentistry, our team of highly skilled and certified Cancun dentists utilize top-level technology and modern facilities to deliver exceptional results at an affordable price. At our finest dental clinic, your dental appointment feels like an All-inclusive Booking.

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Top Cancun Dental Treatments

Experience the perfect blend of expertise, innovation, and affordability in the best city for dental work in Mexico: Cancun. Our team deliver a wide range of life-changing dental treatments – all at a fraction of the cost you'd find in the US.

Cancun Dentist Prices

The affordability of Mexico dental prices is a blend of factors like the exchange rate and lower operating costs, due to these considerations you can save up to 70% compared to other dental clinics and the best is that feel like dental vacations in Mexico.

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry

Designed to transform your smile, leaving you feeling more confident and radiant.
Dental Veneers$450 USD
per tooth
Dental Lumineers$450 USD
per tooth
Dental Crowns$450 USD
per tooth
Teeth Whitening$150 USD
per session

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Cancun Restorative Treatments

Focused on rebuilding the health and functionality of your teeth.
Titanium Dental Implants$900 USD
per tooth
Zirconia Dental Implants$1,950 USD
per tooth
All on 4 Dental Implants$11,000 USD
per arch
Snap on Dentures$3,600 USD
per arch

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At Prime Dental Clinic, our team of highly skilled professionals not only boasts impressive credentials but also provides a compassionate and personalized approach. We prioritize your comfort and ensure you feel heard throughout your dental journey, setting us apart as the best choice for dental care in Cancun.

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Over time, our patients have shared what they love most about Prime Dental.

“I felt like a Rockstar from the airport”

“Having a driver with my name on a sign, just like in the movies, made everything so smooth. My only concern after the procedure was what to do next in Cancun!”

“It Felt Better than My Regular Dentist”

“I never encountered any communication problems. All the staff who attended to me were incredibly courteous and made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. They are super professionals!.”

“Their Tech look like sci-fi movie set”

“It was truly impressive to see all the technology and spotless facilities. It completely changed my perception of dental clinics in Mexico.”

Meet Your New Dentist in Cancun Mexico

At our clinic we always strives to provide a warm, human-centered approach alongside high-tech dental facilities. It’s not about the price; it’s about choosing the right with the best dental care in Mexico for you.

Human-centered care here
Dental Clinic Cancun Happy Smile After: Image showing a happy smile after treatment at the dental clinic in Cancun

Dental Clinic Cancun Reviews

Read the stories behind the renewed confidence of our patients and how they felt after their Cancun dentistry experience at Prime.

Smile Gallery Prime Advanced Dentistry: Image gallery showcasing smiles transformed at Prime Advanced Dentistry
  • I had been struggling with dental issues for years

    “Truly the best on the planet dental work in Mexico. I just finished my treatment of a full mouth restoration!”


  • My smile is brighter and more confident than ever thanks to the best dentist in Cancun Mexico

    “Excellent Experience Phenomenal and truly went above and beyond to give me a beautiful smile again!!”


  • My dental specialist was incredibly thorough in explaining each step of the process!

    “I cannot say enough great things. Outstanding job on my crowns and I can now smile confidently thanks to the best dentist in Cancun.”


  • I was fortunate enough to find an excellent dental specialist

    “Everyone was very helpful on all accounts and they did not settle until both I and my dentist was 100% satisfied.”


  • I was impressed by the high level of care I received, and I felt confident that I was in good hands.

    “Overall had a nice dental vacations Mexico took care of my teeth and saved money. I highly recommend them.”


  • It is a life-changing experience that can significantly improve your quality of life

    “Very very nice stuff extra service in Cancun dental care I would recommend it 100% great value for your money.”